Getting to Know Damon Taseff

damon taseff family

Damon Taseff has been with Allegro since 2004. He currently lives in Ohio City with his wife and three kids and loves to explore Cleveland and engage with his community. Let’s get to know him a little better! Where did you go to college, and are you doing today what you thought you’d be doing […]

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Navigating a Receiver Sale

In today’s complex environment, there is no such thing as a simple real estate sales transaction. The complexity is only compounded when the transaction involves a court-appointed receiver who protects the property for creditors and other stakeholders. Since 2008, the downturn in the economy has led to an increasing number of distressed real estate owners […]

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Ask the Experts: Common Real Estate Investor Mistake

russell lamb

What’s a common mistake you see when investors are considering a purchase? Investors often rely too heavily on the first year capitalization (cap) rate when determining price. The cap rate—the projected rate of return based on the income a real estate investment property is expected to generate—is a good place to start, but it’s too […]

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