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10 Commercial Real Estate Government Incentives to Capitalize On

- August 4, 2022

Many states, counties and cities offer government incentives to attract and retain profitable businesses contributing to their local economies. These incentives are in place not only to help businesses grow, but to attract other businesses and improve the local corporate community as a whole. No matter the sector, business owners should capitalize on government incentives […]


The Logistics Commercial Real Estate Process, Explained

- July 28, 2022

Choosing the right logistics commercial real estate directly impacts the success of your supply chain. After all, the right size, location, and storage capabilities of a warehouse can ensure efficient transportation, customer satisfaction, and opportunities for future growth. The logistics CRE process takes an average of 12 months to complete for tenants interested in leasing […]


Brownfield Redevelopment: The Benefits for Tenants of CRE

- July 21, 2022

There are an estimated 450,000 vacant commercial buildings and plots of land across the United States. These idle properties, known as brownfields, are abandoned due to the potential presence of environmental contaminants. Brownfields are often left behind after organizations like manufacturing plants, gas stations, or chemical storage facilities relocate to suburban or rural areas with […]


Restructure and Relocate: Your Options as a CRE Tenant

- July 15, 2022

As a commercial real estate tenant, you may encounter one of many instances where your CRE lease or space no longer suits organizational needs. Perhaps your location is no longer near the most lucrative consumers or it’s too small to accommodate business growth.  Upon lease expiration, when you find yourself no longer satisfied with your […]


Everything You Need to Know About Law Firm Office Space and How to Find It

- July 7, 2022

There is no doubt that law firms are changing the way they handle their real estate.  While office spaces are still paramount for firms, hybrid work has transformed the way those spaces are designed and used by executives and employees alike. Those changes are here to stay. Many of the common uses of law firm […]