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2022 Q1 Market Snapshot for the Cleveland, OH Office Market

- May 16, 2022

Economic and Demographic Update Population: The population in Cleveland in the 1Q of 2022 was 2,074,756. This represents a decrease in total population of 7,058 over the course of the last year. During 2021 Q1, the Cleveland population stood at 2,081,814. The number of people employed rose to 1,041,727 in 2022 Q1 from 1,032,496 over […]


How to Get Your Staff Comfortable with Placing Work Order Requests

- May 12, 2022

Facilities management encompasses all the tasks involved in the daily operations of your building. These management responsibilities, like updating life safety systems or maintaining vendor relationships, are critical to keeping your operations running smoothly. Work order requests address facilities management issues that arise. However, it’s not uncommon for staff to hesitate before submitting these requests. […]


Buying vs Leasing Commercial Real Estate: Which Is Right for Me?

- May 5, 2022

After identifying a commercial real estate need, you will likely go through one of two common processes to acquire new CRE: buying or leasing.  Whether you’re seeking access to a new labor market, a better location to reach consumers, or a larger facility to accommodate growth, either acquisition strategy can satisfy your commercial real estate […]


What’s a Parking Provision in a Commercial Lease? [+8 Questions You Should Ask Before Signing]

- April 28, 2022

For companies with regular commuters or visitors, adequate tenant parking is an essential part of business operations. Before your existing commercial lease expires or before you enter into a new agreement, take the time to understand your parking rights and obligations outlined in the parking provision of your commercial lease agreement.  A tenant parking provision […]


What Is the “Last Mile” and Why Is It Important in Logistics Real Estate Decisions?

- April 21, 2022

From distribution centers to warehouses, logistics real estate is a key component of supply chain success—especially for organizations that regularly handle large quantities of goods. The growth of e-commerce, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has led to customers demanding faster, more efficient delivery of online purchases. In response, companies have been rapidly acquiring logistics properties, […]