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9 Commercial Real Estate Government Incentives to Capitalize On

- June 17, 2021

Many states and cities offer economic incentives to attract and retain profitable businesses contributing to their local economies. These incentives are in place not only to help businesses grow, but to attract other businesses and improve the local corporate community as a whole. No matter the sector, business owners should capitalize on these incentives to […]


The Delayed Occupancy Provision and Why It Matters to Tenants

- June 10, 2021

No matter how carefully all parties plan, the construction of a new building or new space takes time and often comes with unanticipated delays and costs. Because no two construction projects are identical, there are a number of reasons a project may hit unexpected delays and exceed budget, including: Material shortages.  Project design changes. Labor […]


Tips for Leveraging Commercial Real Estate Lease Negotiations

- June 3, 2021

A commercial real estate acquisition strategy may take time and focused attention, but the process is critical if you want to keep your portfolio aligned with your overall strategic goals, while also adding value to your business. As part of our team’s CRE acquisition strategy blog series, we’ve discussed how to: establish your CRE project […]


2021 Q1 Market Snapshot for the Cincinnati, OH Office Market

- June 1, 2021

Economic and Demographic Update Population: The population in Cincinnati in the 1Q of 2021 was 2,204,911. This represents an increase in total population of 3,763 over the course of the last year. During 2020 Q1, the Cincinnati population stood at 2,201,148. The number of people employed rose to 1,072,600 in 2021 Q1 from 1,064,091 over […]


Understanding the Fees on Your CRE Settlement Statement

- May 27, 2021

When purchasing or selling real estate, you’ll likely come across a settlement statement. These statements will provide a full disclosure of a loan’s terms. Most importantly, it will outline all of the fees and charges that are associated with the transaction and whether these costs are covered by the seller or purchaser. Included in these […]