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4 Steps of a Successful CRE Purchase Agreement Closing Process

- July 29, 2021

While one commercial real estate (CRE) transaction may differ from the next, the steps required for a successful acquisition are generally the same. This is true no matter how many transactions you complete over the course of your business.  Because understanding each step and its importance within the CRE acquisition process is essential, our team […]


What Is a Quiet Enjoyment Provision?

- July 22, 2021

One of the most overlooked, yet important, provisions in a commercial lease agreement is the quiet enjoyment provision. It’s included in virtually all leases, yet many tenants and landlords are unaware of the provision’s terms and the consequences that occur when a tenant’s right to quiet enjoyment is breached.  So, what does the quiet enjoyment […]


ALTA Land Title Survey: What It Is and How It’s Used

- July 15, 2021

In commercial real estate, a purchaser often requests an American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey to confirm accurate site size, property boundaries, building and improvement footprints and sizes, and any title encumbrances and physical encroachments on the real estate.  Its purpose is to locate, determine, or reestablish the perimeters, division lines, or boundaries of real […]


What’s an Early Occupancy Provision in Commercial Real Estate?

- July 8, 2021

Early occupancy, sometimes referred to as early possession, is when a tenant is granted  access to part or all of a space they have leased prior to the lease’s start date. In most early occupancy cases, a landlord typically agrees to early occupancy as a way to encourage a tenant to sign the lease.  Oftentimes, […]


Understanding the Difference Between Cumulative and Compounded CAM Caps in Commercial Leases

- July 1, 2021

Commercial lease agreements are laden with complicated provisions and sometimes ambiguous jargon. As a tenant, it’s important to take the time to understand the terms within your lease agreement, like common area maintenance (CAM) caps, in order to make the best real estate decision for your organization.