Key Steps to Closing a Commercial Real Estate Disposition Transaction

- January 27, 2022

When optimizing your real estate portfolio, it’s important to recognize when an asset has become unsupportive. In other words, the asset no longer adds value to your business. As a next step, some organizations turn to disposition to help them divest the asset no longer in line with business strategy. The disposition process involves five […]


How to Get Out of a Commercial Lease

- January 20, 2022

As economies or business goals change, many leaders ask whether or not it makes sense to get out of their commercial lease agreement early. Some may be looking to expand and need more space, while others could be undergoing a merger or acquisition that requires the disposition of excess space. And as a result of […]


How To Lead Objective & Effective Negotiations During CRE Disposition Negotiations

- January 13, 2022

If you’re looking to divest an unsupportive asset in your portfolio, disposition is often a viable option for many CRE owners looking to optimize their portfolio. Each phase of the commercial real estate disposition process is essential. That’s why our team of real estate experts has created this blog series, covering each stage of the […]


5 Tips to Successfully Implement Your CRE Portfolio Optimization Plan

- December 30, 2021

As the first or second expense on your income statement, it is critical that your commercial real estate continuously aligns with business goals. To achieve this, business leaders should turn to portfolio optimization.  As part of our ongoing optimization series, we have walked you through what to expect during the current state assessment phase, how […]


How To Use Scenario Planning to Optimize Your CRE Portfolio

- December 16, 2021

As business goals and market conditions change, it is critical that businesses remain aware of how these changes impact their commercial real estate portfolio—and their bottom line. To do this, many organizations turn to CRE portfolio optimization. Portfolio optimization is a process that involves revisiting, reevaluating, and reoptimizing your existing portfolio to ensure that your […]