How to Relocate Non-Core Operations Away From High-Cost Markets

- September 16, 2021

When it comes to business objectives, some processes and operations are most profitable when executed by an internal team located in a central location or major headquarters. Typically, these buildings exist in high-cost, high-demand markets. For instance, local sales teams located near major highways can easily meet with customers and clients to earn and retain […]


Why a CRE Holdover Provision Could Cost You—And How to Negotiate Better Rates

- September 9, 2021

On occasion, a commercial lease agreement may reach its expiration before the tenant is ready to leave the premises. The tenant may be waiting for their new space to be constructed or the finalization of another lease agreement. In some instances, the existing tenants of your intended new space may still be there, forcing you […]


When and How Can I Optimize My Real Estate Portfolio?

- September 2, 2021

In many scenarios, a shift in economies or pivot in strategy forces companies to reevaluate their business goals and, in turn, reevaluate their real estate portfolio. To ensure your CRE portfolio remains aligned with your overall business strategy, it’s always wise to revisit, reevaluate, and reoptimize your real estate portfolio. Real estate portfolio optimization is […]


Lease Buyout vs. Sublease: Analyzing Your Options

- August 26, 2021

As economies and strategies change, businesses may find themselves ready to downsize their space or expand into larger space. Unfortunately, these scenarios don’t always align perfectly with a lease expiration date. Tenants have options when it comes time to leave a lease agreement prematurely, including a lease buyout and subleasing. To best position yourself and […]


What’s a Surrender of Possession Provision?

- August 19, 2021

When signing a new commercial lease agreement, most tenants aren’t thinking about moving out already. For many, the thought of jumping ahead years can be overwhelming and feel counterintuitive to reaching their goals while occupying the space.  However, if/when you decide to move office spaces again, you’ll want to be sure you leave your existing […]