How To Find the Best Warehouse for Your Supply Chain Needs

- April 7, 2022

The success of an organization’s supply chain is dependent on many moving parts: corporate strategy, organized data, streamlined processes, integrated technology, and the right warehouses and distribution centers.  A warehouse is a building that stores products for packing and shipping preparation. They’re often centrally located to customers, employees, suppliers, and/or vendors, and manage both inbound […]


Survey and Title Insurance Provisions: Why They Matter to CRE Purchasers

- March 31, 2022

Closing a commercial real estate purchase or sale transaction is a four-step process that includes documenting a purchase and sale agreement, establishing an escrow agent and title company, conducting due diligence, and completing the closing period.  While it’s necessary to protect your rights as a buyer in all stages of a commercial real estate transaction, […]


How Technology-Led Innovations Are Changing the Commercial Real Estate Landscape

- March 24, 2022

For years, technology has evolved at a rapid rate—and commercial real estate is just one of many industries benefiting from these new innovations. From drone technology to digital facilities management solutions, this post will explore new developments in commercial real estate technology, sometimes referred to as PropTech, and how they offer added security, personalization, and […]


10 Key Roles in a Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Transaction

- March 17, 2022

Due to the complexity of commercial real estate transactions, it’s unlikely that a single company representative has the bandwidth to execute the process alone. To be successful, a commercial real estate transaction requires the input of several key players, both from within your organization and from external sources. This post will provide an overview of […]


Why Exercising A Commercial Lease Renewal Option Is Your Last Resort

- March 10, 2022

When a commercial lease agreement nears its expiration, tenants generally have two options: stay in their current space or find something new. If you choose to stay in your current space, know that renewing a commercial lease by simply exercising your renewal option is not the best decision for tenants.  Over time, business needs change […]