Client Spotlight: Asurint


Cleveland, Ohio-based Asurint is a technology company specializing in background screening technology. They offer comprehensive solutions that meet screening requirements at every level of security all over the United States, from businesses to government entities, and are committed to quality, accuracy, and innovation. Not only that, they strive to make the process of completing background screenings while navigating complex standards and regulations as simple as possible for their clients.

In March of 2014, Asurint was seeking a way to exit its 11,000-square foot downtown lease early due to rapid growth and needed help identifying a new solution to meet the company’s changing needs. Allegro educated Asurint on the growth-limited realities of the current and proposed spaces, leading them to consider alternative options that would be able to flexibly accommodate major growth on an unspecified timeline. Eventually, after completing all due diligence and acting as an advisor throughout the decision process, Allegro led Asurint through a complex lease deal on a 40,000-square foot downtown property creatively structured to allow for rapid growth over time without requiring overpayment upfront. Read the full details of the deal in this case study.

Asurint has since expanded twice and will occupy 78,000-square feet—three floors of the building—by the first quarter of 2019. Chris Lund, CFO and Co-Founder of Asurint, credits Allegro with negotiating the details and communicating the potential pitfalls so thoroughly that all misunderstandings and added costs were neatly sidestepped.

In a recent testimonial interview, Connie Clore, COO and Co-Founder of Asurint, stated that she thinks of the Allegro team as true partners and trusted advisors thanks to a laser focus on Asurint’s needs (not to mention, the team’s great sense of humor!). She stated that Allegro not only took the time to educate the decision-makers at Asurint throughout the process, but also helped them make important connections with economic development opportunities at the state and local level and celebrated with them when they were successful in taking advantage of those opportunities. Chris noted that even after the initial lease deal, Allegro has kept a finger on the pulse point of the marketplace, looking out for short-term and long-term opportunities for Asurint.

“Allegro’s collaborative success fee pricing model is unique in that it’s focused on client success and truly meeting our needs,” said Chris. “In my experience with Allegro, they always pay for themselves.”

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