Getting to Know George Hutchinson

george hutchinson

Today, get to know George Hutchinson, a family-man with more hobbies than we can count and a Principal and Founder at Allegro.

Where did you go to college, and are you doing today what you thought you’d be doing then? 

University of Florida. Education opened doors for me that I never knew I would choose to walk through. I have a Masters in Entomology and expected to be a Professor focusing on genetics, chemistry, and evolutionary behavior. I never worked a day in my chosen field so needless to say, I never imagined doing what I am now doing.

Describe a typical day at the office.

Sometimes I think I solve client problems all day long. No real estate decision or transaction is straightforward or easy so we knock down barriers all day long to ensure our clients’ transactions are successful. I work with people all day – clients, partners, my business network, and our staff. Oh, did I mention emails, emails, emails???!!!

Why did a career in commercial real estate appeal to you?

Tenant Rep and Corporate Real Estate are fields that allow you to build repeat business relationships based on trust and expertise that last a lifetime. Going through the trenches on really difficult projects builds lifelong friendships with my clients.

What deal/project are you most proud of?

Well they say pride is the foremost of the seven deadly sins so I’ll just say I feel extremely rewarded when my senior executive clients have trust and confidence in me, take my advice on mission critical real estate matters, and then celebrate the results and positive impact on their companies with me.

What characteristics do you think make someone in your field successful? 

Curiosity. This drives people to go deep and check out any issue that might impact the success of a project. In our case, a lack of curiosity “kills the cat.” Sweeping things under the rug can be fatal. Shedding light on barriers as well as opportunities results in consistently awesome outcomes.

What is your favorite thing about working at Allegro?

Sustaining the work environment we’ve created for the personal and professional growth of Allegro’s staff and partners. It is really rewarding to watch people grow, succeed, and get excited about doing awesome work with our clients.

What makes Allegro different from other brokerages?

The concept of “team” can be very cliché but it is very real at Allegro. Allegro’s staff is salaried so we do not have internal battles over fees that break down true teamwork like many other real estate firms. This approach also allows us to hire and form really strong and diverse client teams including engineers, lawyers, MBA’s, finance experts, CPA’s, urban design experts, etc.

Do you participate in any philanthropic organizations or events?

Of course. You can’t be a true Clevelander without giving back! I’ve been on a number of boards throughout the years and they are always rewarding and offer really good breaks from day-to-day work. They expand the mind with new experiences and perspectives.

Where would you love to vacation (with no budget or time constraints!)?

Two weeks fly fishing and camping my way down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon (with my wife, of course, if she could stand it!).

Tell us a little about your family.

True joys that make me smile every day. Judy and I have had a beautiful marriage for 34 years. Our children live in Eugene, OR, Flagstaff, AZ, and Charlotte, NC so we travel regularly to see them and our first grandson. My mom is 93 and is still in Florida so we visit her regularly as well. If only they would all move to Cleveland!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

The list is long but always starts with spending time with my wife, lots of movies and eating out often (my waist line shows it), less golf than I prefer, a ton of reading, playing guitar with good friends as often as possible, exercising a bit, hiking, and backpacking. Salt water fly fishing needs to be elevated again. I love spending time outdoors and did a stint by myself on the Appalachian Trail to celebrate my 60th.

What’s your drink of choice?

Well, I suppose I’ve never met a Scotch I didn’t like.


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