Getting to Know Julie Lamb

Julie has been an Allegro employee since 2011. A self-proclaimed “computer nerd,” Julie loves a good spreadsheet and brings a unique background and way of thinking to our team. Read on to learn a little more about Julie.

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Where did you go to college, and are you doing today what you thought you’d be doing then?

I went to Miami and got a degree in Management Information Systems.  Initially, I majored in computer science.  I thought I would be a programmer, but quickly realized that I needed more people interaction.  I thought I might be an IT consultant, but I graduated during the dot com bust and there weren’t any IT jobs to be found.  So, I took a job at a commercial real estate company to pay the bills while I figured out what I really wanted to do.  I’ve been working in real estate in one way or another ever since.

Describe a typical day at the office.

I wish days at the office were typical.  Maybe then I could plan for them.  How about I describe a good day instead?  The best would be getting there before 8:00am so I could get some work done before the phone starts ringing.  Maybe I would clear out some emails, prepare for meetings, or if I’m really lucky, I would create a beautiful financial model or board presentation while the office is quiet.  Then there would be smattering of client calls, meetings, maybe a property tour, followed by an enjoyable networking lunch.  Then more meetings or maybe an internal strategy session with my Allegro teammates for a big project.  Of course the day would end with a beer at the tap!

Why did a career in commercial real estate appeal to you? 

It’s the perfect combination of people and spreadsheets!

What deal/project are you most proud of? 

I loved working on Inmarsat, Asurint, and MMO.  All of those deals were interesting and complex!

What characteristics do you think make someone in your field successful?

We like to hire critical thinkers with a customer service-oriented mindset.  Good communication skills are key and I think having a general curiosity is very helpful in solving complex problems.  

What is your favorite thing about working at Allegro?

Collaborative problem-solving?  Fun people?  Beer? 

What makes Allegro different from other brokerages?

We have a great team of people that are super smart in different ways.  We really do collaborate to provide thoughtful solutions for our clients and I think our clients really appreciate our consultative approach.  Plus, my co-workers are pretty fun too!  

Do you participate in any philanthropic organizations or events? 

I am on the Board of Directors of the First Tee of Cleveland and also serve on the Events and Ambassadors committees. 

Where would you love to vacation (with no budget or time constraints!)? 

Everywhere!  I LOVE the Virgin Islands.  There is just something about slowing down and experiencing the beauty of such an amazing place.  I also love the mountains and look forward to our annual ski trip every year.  Being in real estate, I love to explore new cities.  I’ve done a fair amount of exploring in the US and would like to travel more abroad.  

Tell us a little about your family.

I have family in Colorado, Arizona, and Texas and I’m married to an amazing guy with two amazing kids!

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Attend many kid sporting events, concerts, and art exhibitions.  I travel a lot to see family (and to explore).  I love to play sports (recreationally) and ski in the winter.  And since I’m a computer nerd, I like to implement unnecessary technology solutions to problems that my friends and family didn’t know they had.

What’s your drink of choice? 

Bud Light or bourbon (Blanton’s, Buffalo Trace, Old Grandad, Blade & Bow).


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