Since 2001, Allegro has been providing a broad selection of expert real estate advisory, transactional and management services to clients ranging from start-ups and non-profits to Fortune 500 companies and government entities. Our depth and breadth of services are impressive, but they aren’t what get our clients the incredible results they’ve come to expect. It all comes down to the unique backgrounds and experience of our team and how they execute our proven methodology.

In contrast to conventional commercial real estate companies and models, our business model has consistently generated superior results for our clients. What is it that sets us apart?

Our Backgrounds

The principals’ history of management consulting and experience advising corporate boards of directors uniquely positions Allegro to provide comprehensive and executable solutions and ensures that our team is capable of serving as a trusted advisor to business executives.

Our Fee Structures

We understand the subtle, but critical, difference between commission-based and service-based fees. Allegro chooses to align our compensation structures with our clients’ objectives to guarantee our services are delivered exceptionally without any conflicts of interest.

Further, unlike our competitors, Allegro’s staff is salaried. This structure eliminates internal competition and conflicts inherent in commission-based firms, allowing Allegro to provide appropriate resources and assign the best team to address each client challenge, while always putting the client’s interest first.

Our Independence

Allegro is a fully independent real estate firm. Our freedom from global firms and national broker networks empowers us to always select the most appropriate vendors and teams for each of our clients’ unique projects, in any market. Thanks to our flexibility, each year, Allegro transacts real estate in every major U.S. market and around the world.

Our Process

Over the years, we’ve done a lot — thousands — of transactions. Through our extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients, Allegro has developed, tested, and proven a unique advisory process that will guide your company through complex and important real estate decisions and support your larger business goals. Fortune 10 to Fortune 1000 companies, privately-held businesses, public sector organizations and non-profits alike have all realized significant improvements after working with us through our 3-step process, which can be implemented at any point. Simply put, it leads to better results.

1 - Strategy
2 - Decision Support
3 - Delivery

Allegro begins with a planning session to understand your business goals and develop your individual real estate strategy.

Allegro helps you choose the best real estate option with deep analytics to support your decision.

Allegro leads your transaction through completion staying deeply involved past the initial property selection. We take pride in ensuring the project is fully complete – whatever that requires.