Investment Management Litigation

A business litigation law firm with offices in Cleveland and New York, contacted Allegro to assist with a robust
research and evaluation project. The law firm represented a developer client who specialized in single-tenant
high-credit industrial buildings nationwide. A dispute arose amongst the partners over whether or not certain
fees taken over the duration of the partnership could be considered reasonable by market standards. It turned
to Allegro to provide expert opinions, analytical support and potential litigation support.

Allegro’s evaluation required a thorough grasp of the partnership agreement and a deep understanding of
what general partners were required to do, as well as what they were allowed to do. It was with this knowledge
Allegro was able to evaluate if what was done by each partner was permissible under the agreement. Allegro
conducted interviews with local developers to gain insight on what could be considered typical fees in a
partnership. Allegro’s primary task was to evaluate all fees collected on each property between 2005-2011
including the taking of certain fees which included acquisition fees, loan fees, asset management fees,
property management fees, loan refinancing fees, leasing fees, consulting fees, construction management fees,
disposition fees, and promotion fees. The evaluation included over 70 properties dating back to 1985.

The Allegro team then created a database with the ability to assess the fees taken from 2005 to 2011, and
compare those to the market fees uncovered through research and interviews.

Allegro’s broad capabilities and diverse skillset, as well as the inclusion of licensed attorneys on staff,
differentiates the company from competitors by providing the capacity to assist in real estate dispute
consulting and litigation support projects on a local and national level. Allegro’s research, analysis, and findings
played a large part in the outcome of the dispute which was ultimately settled to the satisfaction of the client
and developer.