The Keystone Center

The Keystone Center, a Colorado-based organization that focuses on environmental conflict management, was experiencing a financial crisis resulting in part from the construction and financing of a new organizational headquarters in Keystone, Colorado. The Board of Trustees asked the organization to evaluate different real estate alternatives that could provide short term financial relief and long term strategic value to the organization’s programs.

Allegro was engaged to assist the organization in evaluating various real estate alternatives of its two assets located in the ski-resort of Keystone, Colorado. Each of these assets was unique and served different constituents internal and external to the organization. Allegro conducted market analyses, evaluated zoning and legal restrictions (particularly with the National Park Service) to understand optimal alternative uses, conducted financial analyses, and predicted programmatic effects. The resulting analysis was presented to the Board of Trustees for further consideration and the development of a proactive strategy that reduced debt and allowed Keystone’s programs to grow.