Working with Hazardous Materials in a Leased Space? Here’s How to Comply with a Hazardous Materials Provision

- October 7, 2021

For some companies, the use of hazardous materials is an unavoidable part of business. Without these hazardous materials, many organizations simply would not be able to operate. Hazardous waste can be anything from chemicals and non-biodegradable waste products, to medical waste and radioactive waste. Hazardous materials used in business may include dry cleaning products, gasoline, […]


Your Step-by-Step Guide to CRE Portfolio Optimization

- September 30, 2021

Portfolio optimization—the process of evaluating real estate assets and operations to identify efficiencies, reduce costs, create a strategy, and maximize value—is critical for companies with CRE portfolios. As market conditions and business objectives can and often do change, organizations must remain aware of how both internal and external shifts impact their portfolios—and their bottom line.  […]


What Is Disposition in Commercial Real Estate? Here Are the 5 Phases You Should Know

- September 23, 2021

Business strategies and market conditions often shift, resulting in a need for organizations to realign their real estate portfolio with business goals. This is the act of real estate portfolio optimization, which is evaluating real estate assets and operations to discover efficiencies, lower costs, adjust strategy, and maximize value. During the process, some assets may […]


How to Relocate Non-Core Operations Away From High-Cost Markets

- September 16, 2021

When it comes to business objectives, some processes and operations are most profitable when executed by an internal team located in a central location or major headquarters. Typically, these buildings exist in high-cost, high-demand markets. For instance, local sales teams located near major highways can easily meet with customers and clients to earn and retain […]


Why a CRE Holdover Provision Could Cost You—And How to Negotiate Better Rates

- September 9, 2021

On occasion, a commercial lease agreement may reach its expiration before the tenant is ready to leave the premises. The tenant may be waiting for their new space to be constructed or the finalization of another lease agreement. In some instances, the existing tenants of your intended new space may still be there, forcing you […]