Active vs. Passive Real Estate Investing

- June 5, 2018

Investing in real estate is an excellent way to diversify and strengthen your portfolio. Among many other benefits, real estate investing provides attractive total returns, tax advantages, and the opportunity to acquire a tangible asset. There are two approaches to real estate investments: active and passive. Both offer varying degrees of investor responsibility and risk […]


Navigating a Receiver Sale

- July 18, 2016

In today’s complex environment, there is no such thing as a simple real estate sales transaction. The complexity is only compounded when the transaction involves a court-appointed receiver who protects the property for creditors and other stakeholders. Since 2008, the downturn in the economy has led to an increasing number of distressed real estate owners […]


Ask the Experts: Common Real Estate Investor Mistake

- July 12, 2016

What’s a common mistake you see when investors are considering a purchase? Investors often rely too heavily on the first year capitalization (cap) rate when determining price. The cap rate—the projected rate of return based on the income a real estate investment property is expected to generate—is a good place to start, but it’s too […]


Ask the Experts: Commercial Real Estate Mistakes

- April 12, 2016

One of the biggest mistakes I see clients make is to approach their real estate situation with a singular, predetermined objective. Specifically, they identify a path — it could be a renewal, new construction, relocation, purchase — and they proceed down that path with this ONE option top of mind. They are “all in” with a single solution and the further they proceed, the more they paint themselves into a corner. When a client has taken this approach, there are two major problems that routinely present themselves…


Today’s Interest Rate Environment and the Impact on Real Estate Investments

- January 27, 2016

The Fed finally moved to raise its key interest rate by 0.25% in December, which is the first increase in almost 10 years. It signals a strengthening economy that has been slowly gaining steam. Since the recession ended, the unemployment rate has been cut in half. Today, corporate profits are on the rise and most […]